HT,LT Electrical Installation

Gitanjali provides expert installation services for high-tension (HT) and low-tension (LT) electrical systems, ensuring efficient and reliable power distribution.

11KV (instant of 1EHV)

Gitanjali specializes in the supply of electrical equipment and components.

EHV Equipment

Gitanjali offers a comprehensive range of high-quality HT and LT equipment, meeting industry standards and client specifications for seamless electrical operations.

Laying Termination of HT LT Cables

Gitanjali excels in the precise laying and termination of HT and LT cables, ensuring optimal performance and safety in electrical installations.

Lightning Protection Systems

Gitanjali implements robust lightning protection systems to safeguard structures and electrical systems against the damaging effects of lightning strikes.

Fire Alarm & Fighting System

Gitanjali designs and installs advanced fire alarm systems, providing early detection and rapid response to potential fire incidents, enhancing overall safety.

Control Pannel System

Gitanjali provides cutting-edge PA (Public Address) and access control systems, enabling seamless communication and controlled access within premises.


Structured Cabling

Gitanjali specializes in structured cabling solutions, ensuring efficient connectivity and data transmission for various network and communication needs.

Street Lighting

Gitanjali designs and implements street lighting systems, illuminating public spaces with energy-efficient and aesthetically pleasing lighting solutions.

Turnkey projects

Gitanjali undertakes turnkey projects, providing end-to-end solutions from design and installation to commissioning and maintenance, delivering comprehensive electrical solutions.


Gitanjali offers prompt and efficient troubleshooting services, diagnosing and resolving electrical issues to minimize downtime and ensure uninterrupted operations.